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Nurse Naume


Our nurses do the core work. Their everyday correct diagnosis and quality treatment in remote communities is the heart of what we do. As well as treating whoever shows up with whatever condition, the nurse manages the health center, works with community leaders and runs the finances of the facility. All this while living deep in the village, far from family and friends.

Here we feature nurse Naume, who has worked for over a year in the remote Ocim Health Center, and has diagnosed and treated over 2000 patients. Her treatment quality has been excellent from the start  She's lucky that the health center is based in a family household, who look out for her as one of their own.


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Dr. Nicolas Laing

(Executive Director)

Nick has worked managing rural Health Centers for over 3 years in Northern Uganda. He first became passionate about truly unreached areas, after seeing the huge numbers of rural citizens in Northern Uganda not covered by either the private or public healthcare system. Nicolas initiated and managed the initial pilot of 4 OneDay Health Centers, and looks forward to overseeing the expansion of OneDay Health in Uganda and beyond to treat hundreds of thousands of unserved patients.


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Emmanuel Ocola

(Gulu Hub Manager)

Emma is a talented communicator, educator and team builder. He manages the current expansion and operation of our Gulu cluster of OneDay Health Centers. He spent a year working as a clinical nurse in remote South Sudan, so knows first hand the challenges our nurses face working in remote areas.